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Manitoba Provincial Fire Protection Plan Online Resource Library

The following documents have been designed to assist rural municipalities throughout the province in developing and maintaining safer, more organized and responsive local fire services.  The documents contained in this resource library have been developed to be of assistance to elected officials, fire chiefs, consultants, and senior administrators in their efforts to create stronger, safer, more effective fire services throughout Manitoba.

The Fire Protection Guide for Land Use Planning is a document that was developed in cooperation with the Department of Manitoba Municipal Government and the Office of the Fire Commissioner.  This guide outlines steps that can be taken at each stage of the planning process to integrate emergency services with land use planning. It is intended for planning authorities, development officers and building officials to use as a guide when adopting planning by-laws, reviewing development proposals, and applications for development permits and building permits.

The Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) position descriptions (see pages 117-169) were developed to provide a framework of required skills and experience needed to effectively occupy specific positions within fire departments.  These job descriptions, developed by the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and approved by the Manitoba Association of Fire Chiefs and the Office of the Fire Commissioner, are a starting point for gathering a pool of appropriate candidates for the entire range of positions within a fire department.

Fire Protection & Emergency Response: Information for Elected Officials is a short Power Point presentation designed especially for Elected Officials, CAOs and Fire Department Officers looking for an introduction on the organization, requirements and responsibilities of the fire department in their jurisdiction.  This presentation will provide knowledge of:

  • The challenges facing the Manitoba fire service
  • The roles and responsibilities in emergency response
    • Municipal Councils
    • Fire Departments
  • The legislative and regulatory requirements
  • The services the OFC provides to municipalities
  • The resources available to support municipalities

As an added service, the Office of the Fire Commissioner will deliver the PowerPoint presentation in person in mutual aid districts and answer all additional questions at the request of any Elected Official whose work is affected by, or affects, their fire department.

The Manitoba Municipal Officials Guide was developed to provide a better understanding of the Manitoba fire service.  This Guide includes an examination of the expectations, responsibilities and challenges facing local fire departments.  This Guide also reviews the role and responsibilities of municipal councils and officials in providing this essential service.

Human Resource Tools

The following documents will be of value to Fire Chiefs, CAOs and elected officials as they determine which areas related to human resource management that should be addressed when creating an appropriate working environment for members of their fire service.

Budgeting Tools

These templates will assist Fire Chiefs, CAOs and elected officials as they develop, refine and implement functional operating and capital budgets.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard Summaries

The following NFPA standard summaries are guidelines that Fire Chiefs, CAOs and elected officials may want to consider when addressing how to select, maintain, service and inspect equipment related to their fire service.   As a reminder to all users, it is important that all standards be considered in their entirety during the decision making process.