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Manitoba Emergency Services College

Welcome to Manitoba’s premier leader in firefighter, paramedic and emergency services training. The Manitoba Emergency Services College (MESC) takes pride in offering exceptional training opportunities contributing to the building of confident, competent firefighters and paramedics and is located in Brandon Manitoba.

Whether you are seeking a career as a full time firefighter or a primary care paramedic or you are currently a member of the municipal fire service and would like to expand your current knowledge and skills, the MESC has the training you need.

The Public Fire Paramedic Program section is dedicated to those whose ambition is to earn a career as a firefighter / paramedic. To explore how to begin your training for these exciting and rewarding professions, pay particular attention to the Public Fire Paramedic Program section where you will find full details of this Program. You may contact our staff at mescpfpp@gov.mb.ca for further details.

Members of a local/municipal fire service wishing to further their skills in all areas of emergency services, fire and life safety education, building and fire inspector, rescue, hazardous materials response, management of major emergency incidents and many other valuable program areas may download a pdf version of the current Manitoba Emergency Services Course Catalogue for detailed descriptions and costs.

Manitoba Emergency Services College Goals:

  • To seek international recognition as a provider of quality education and training in the areas of Life Safety, Emergency Response and Emergency Management;
  • To preserve and disseminate knowledge and skills now available in the various professional disciplines relative to the emergency services;
  • To extend the boundaries of knowledge and skills through research and development;
  • To plan and implement the educational programs necessary to provide individuals with the experience and competencies required to reduce the fire problem, enhance life safety and better respond to public safety issues; and
  • To serve the Province and the public at large by providing educational services and counsel wherever possible.