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Emergency Response

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The Office of the Fire Commissioner provides an operational level of Emergency Response within the Province. Recent legislative changes in The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act has mandated the OFC to respond to emergencies and disasters. As such, the OFC provides a critical link in Manitoba's safety infrastructure, through support of the municipal emergency response system. The Emergency Response section provides emergency response to all areas in the province when:

  • requested by a municipality or government agency
  • an incident is too large/complex for the responding agency to handle
  • an effective Incident Command model is not demonstrated
  • a lost person GSAR is required
  • where the responding Agency does not have the capabilities to handle any hazardous materials incident or CBRN event
  • any USAR is required
  • any emergency is deemed to be provincial in nature

Through several initiatives the OFC has become the leader in Manitoba for the proficient response to incidents involvilng hazardous materials, wildland urban interface fires, GSAR, USAR and incident command/managmenent of major provincial/municipal emergencies.

24 HOUR - Office of the Fire Commissioner Emergency Response
Please contact your local municipal authority

Critical Incident Stress Network

The Office of the Fire Commissioner developed the Critical Incident Stress Management Network for Emergency Response personnel in Manitoba. The Office maintains and supports this Network. This network of trained peers provides Critical Incident Stress defusing as well as debriefings to emergency response personnel within the Province.