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Legislation - Acts and Regulations, Fire Safety

The regulation of Fire Safety is a provincial government responsibility. The Federal Government has no legislative authority over Fire Safety in Canada. Fire Safety is regulated by, The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act, The Planning Act, and local municpal bylaws. The acts and associated regulations are available on the Manitoba Laws website. Municipal bylawas are available from each municipality, and in many cases on the municipality's website.

The Fire Safety Section is responsible for helping to administer the following:

Manitoba adopts the National Fire Code. This Code is developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes and the National Research Council Canada through a consultation process with representatives from all Provincial governments and with various stakeholders in the building construction industry.

Code amendments are additions to the adopted codes that provide additional details of compliance specific for the Province of Manitoba in the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Protection from water and sewage damage
  • Accessibility
  • Fire and structural protection and
  • Energy and water efficiency

The National Fire Code works in conjuction with the national Building Code, referencing each other to establish consistent requirements across both codes. The Building Code is overseen by the Inspection and Technical Services branch, please contact them for more information.


The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act:

Consolidated Regulations and Amendments under The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act include: