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Municipal Officials Guide

Advances in technology, higher public expectations, a global awareness to the threat of terrorist attacks and increased legislative requirements have all played a significant role in the increased demands and expectations placed upon the Manitoba Fire Service over recent years. More than ever before, the local fire department is now being called upon to respond to a broader range of emergency incidents. This increase in demands and expectations is followed closely by the commitment to enhanced training programs, new equipment requirements, supporting by-laws and policies and operating guidelines. 

The Municipal Officials Guide, has been developed by the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) with the goal of assisting municipal officials to better understand the fire service of today, including the expectations, responsibilities and challenges faced by the Manitoba Fire Service. The Guide has also been developed with the goal of providing municipal officials with a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of the municipal corporation and municipal officials in meeting the challenge of providing this essential service.

This Guide is also intended to provide municipal officials with a brief overview of the resources available to municipalities and the fire service, information on the various acts and regulations that govern the emergency services and building standards, as well as provide an overview of the necessary elements of an effective community fire protection program.

Finally, this Guide is intended to provide municipal officials with information about the OFC and the services provided by the various sections of the Office in direct support of municipal councils and local fire departments. We hope that you will find this Guide informative and helpful. You are encouraged use use this website or to contact us directly at the numbers provided should you require further information on a topic of interest to you or your municipal fire department.

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Manitoba Municipal Officials Guide (PDF File)