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Youth Firestop

Any child can be a potential fire setter. They may be motivated by a curiosity for fire or a crisis in a child's life may lead to fire setting as a way of expressing feelings of helplessness. Many times fire setting is a symptom of another problem.

Whatever the reason, most experts agree the best way to understand fire setting behaviour is to look at the reason for the behaviour.

Be sure to teach child(ren) that fire is a tool for adults, and is not a toy and that small fire can get out of control fast, and turn into BIG fires.

Make sure you keep all matches and lighters out of children's reach, pay careful attention to your child's activities, no matter where in the house they are playing and never leave young children alone around an open flame.

Remember, your child is learning by watching and imitating you!

Get the whole family involved in practicing fire safety, and work together as a family to make a home fire escape plan and practice your plan. Test all smoke alarms every month, and replace alarms that may be 10 years or older.

Where to go for help?

If you live in rural Manitoba, contact your local fire department and ask about the Youth Fire Stop Program.

If you live in Winnipeg, contact the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service at (204) 986-6320 or check out their website for more information: Youth Fire Stop - Fire Paramedic Service - City of Winnipeg

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