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Mission Statement

To build a stronger fire service and to better protect Manitobans.

No matter where you travel in Manitoba there is a spirit of dedication, commitment and pride displayed by our Emergency Services. The ability to respond to the public in a time of need bonds all Emergency Service providers together.

The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) is a very diverse organization covering many aspects of Public Safety. Our website will provide you with information on each of our sections, which have their own unique set of priorities and goals. From Fire Investigations, Fire and Building Code application, to Emergency Response and Training, we believe our organization continues to meet the challenges of today's Emergency Services.

As warmer weather approaches and the days get longer, all Manitobans are looking forward to putting away the winter shovels, tidying up the yard, and setting up for our beautiful Manitoba summer!

Following are some fire prevention tips to help everyone prepare for a great season ahead:

  • Ensure your home address number is visible from the road. If you have a back lane, make sure you place your number on your fence, or somewhere in plain view of first responders in case of emergency.

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and replace batteries immediately if they are dead. Replace entire smoke alarm units if they are more than 10 years old, or CO alarms more than 5-7 years old.

  • Smoke AlarmPractice your home escape plan so everyone in the household knows what to do in a fire. Windows should be checked to ensure they open and close properly in case they are needed as an exit. Ensure stairs and landings are clear so they are accessible during an evacuation in the case of emergency.

  • Check outdoor electrical outlets and other electrical appliances for animal nests and ensure proper wiring.

  • Check all electrical wiring (string lights) and cords for damage, and ensure you are using the correct extension cord for the outdoors.

  • BBQClean out your BBQ prior to using it for the first time to ensure all grease is cleaned up and elements and BBQ base is free of debris.

  • Clean up and remove old materials, and properly store paints, pool and yard chemicals.

  • Check fuel containers for leaks and make sure they are properly stored.

  • Remove leaves and trash from carports, garages, under decks and behind sheds: Combustable materiels are dangerous if they are exposed to heat.

For more tips, videos and other important safety messages visit Fire & Life Safety Education web page.

You can find more information about smoke and carbon monoxide alarm requirements at the Fire & Life Safety Education web page, by contacting the Office of the Fire Commissioner or your local fire department.


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