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Tasking Numbers for Volunteer Search and Rescue Activities

GSAR Coordinators (or alternate) are required to obtain a tasking number for each organized training, prevention or assembly activity. 

A Tasking Number  is an assigned number that is used to accurately document each SARMAN activity/event within the Province of Manitoba.  One (1) Tasking Number is assigned per event and must be initiated by the GSAR Coordinator (or alternate) from the area of where the event will be held.

Coordinators must apply for a Tasking Number 10 working days prior to the event by completing the application below and return it to the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

This initiative is a requisite necessary to fulfill SARMAN’S requirement to properly protect our members as part of the SARMAN Volunteer Insurance Program.

The completion of a Training Report must follow the activity or event.  This report must be completed within 5 business days by the GSAR Coordinator (or alternate) who originally initiated the Tasking Number request.  Active status of SAR teams and individuals are dependent on these reports and confirm that Manitoba’s GSAR members are maintaining the minimum standard adopted by the Province and continues to be consistent with other Search and Rescue programs across Canada.

In the event of an injury, a workers compensation form will need to be completed immediately and forwarded to the OFC on the next business day.

For further information; to submit an application or completed report, please contact:  firecomm@gov.mb.ca