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Team Members and SAR Partners

The initial GSAR - Basic training was targeted towards the Manitoba municipal fire service. This group was already well trained, equipped and ready for response to various types of rescue incidents. The teams were organized using the highly successful Provincial Mutual Aid System. The volunteer network has since expanded beyond the Manitoba fire service, and is now represented by volunteers from every corner of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Volunteer Search and Rescue Network has grown over the years to presently include twenty nine (29) highly trained and mobile volunteer teams across the Province. These teams are ready to respond and support local or provincial search efforts at a moments notice. The Provincial Mutual Aid System continues to be frame work for this network.

Local Volunteer GSAR Teams are presently located in the following communities or regional areas of Manitoba using the provincial Mutual Aid District boundary map as the primary administrative boundary for Team make up and response purposes:

  • North East Mutual Aid
  • Eastman Mutual Aid
  • South Interlake Mutual Aid
  • Pembina Valley Mutual Aid
  • North Interlake Mutual Aid
  • Neepawa Mutual Aid
  • Grand Valley Mutual Aid
  • Antler River Mutual Aid
  • Oak Lake Mutual Aid
  • Turtle Mountain Mutual Aid
  • West Central Mutual Aid
  • Riding Mountain Mutual Aid
  • Lake Winnipegosis Mutual Aid
  • Swan Valley Mutual Aid
  • South Central Mutual Aid
  • Lake Winnipeg – East Training District (Manigotagan)
  • Grand Rapids, Manitoba
  • Snow Lake, Manitoba
  • The Pas, Manitoba
  • Nelson House, Manitoba
  • Thompson, Manitoba
  • Leaf Rapids, Manitoba
  • Lynn Lake, Manitoba
  • South Indian Lake, Manitoba
  • Cross Lake, Manitoba
  • Western Region Tribal Council
  • Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN)
  • Brokenhead First Nation
  • Island Lake Tribal Council
  • South East - Whiteshell Provincial Park (Westhawk / Falcon Lake)
  • Riding Mountain National Park

Each member of the Volunteer Teams have received the GSAR – Basic Training program to prepare them for a response. A Team will normally consist of 4 - 5 Team members who are fully equipped for and prepared to be fully self sufficient for no less than 24 hours. They are prepared for all types of weather and ground conditions that they may encounter, and are prepared to search day or night.

The Volunteer Teams are lead by an experienced Team Leader who has typically taken advanced GSAR Team Leader Training and is experienced in GSAR Operations. Volunteer Teams work under the direction and guidance of an experienced Search Manager within the Incident Command System model.

Besides the Volunteer GSAR Teams in Manitoba, the Search and Rescue Manitoba network includes many other Civilian, Federal, Provincial and Municipal “SAR Partners”, who, over the years have worked cooperatively in an effort to provide one of the most efficient SAR Networks in Canada. These SAR Partners include, but are not limited to the following organizations:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • City of Winnipeg Police Service (WPS)
  • Dakota Ojibway Police Service (DOPS)
  • Civil Air Search & Rescue (CASARA)
  • Department of National Defense – 435 Rescue Squadron – Winnipeg
  • Department of National Defense – Rangers
  • Riding Mountain National Park
  • Track Share Manitoba – ATV Club
  • Canadian Coast Guard – Auxiliary
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Manitoba Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Manitoba Conservation
  • Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization (EMO)
  • Winnipeg Search and Rescue Association

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