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Application for use of the National Search and Rescue Inter-Agency Frequency VHF Simplex Frequency 149.080 MHz

The Search and Rescue Interagency Frequency (SAR-IF) is a national radio communications channel that Industry Canada has recently made available in support of on-site search and rescue (SAR) operations. Since Canada’s Search and Rescue system relies on a diversity of air, marine and ground resources working together to save lives, the SAR-IF provides a critical communications link between first responders, enhancing operational safety and effectiveness.

The following links provide information to explain the implementation process for this inter-agency frequency.

  1. A copy of the Terms and Conditions for access to Industry Canada’s National Simplex VHF Channel (149.080) by the Search and Rescue Community.
  2. An information sheet on the Search and Rescue Inter-Agency Frequency (SAR-IF) 149.080 MHz put out by the National Search & Rescue Secretariat ( NSS) of Canada, who lobbied Industry Canada on behalf of the SAR Community for this frequency.
  3. An application form indicating your jurisdiction or agencies desire to have this frequency added into your existing and future VHF radio inventory.

Please read these terms and conditions and information sheet carefully, and discuss the benefits of having this frequency available with your agencies or jurisdictions emergency responders.

Please take the following into consideration as you make your decision:

Agencies or individuals seeking authority to use this channel will be required to apply to Industry Canada for a new license, or to amend their existing license by adding this frequency to their current complement of radio frequency channels.

Additional fees are required when this frequency is added to a base station license. No additional fees are applicable when adding this frequency to existing mobile licenses.

All costs associated with licensing and/or programming this frequency into existing or future radios is the responsibility of each individual agency or jurisdiction.

Not all portable or mobile radios will accept this frequency. In particular, many of the older VHF radios in use will not cover the frequency range that the 149.080 is included in. Check with your local radio supplier to confirm the compatibility of your existing or future radios with this frequency prior to taking any action.

Carefully read the “Frequently asked Questions” page provided in the Search & Rescue Secretariat handout.

Further information is available through any of the following websites:

Should you have any direct questions that you would like assistance with, you can contact the Office of the Fire Commissioner directly at the following:
Toll Free: 1-888-253-1488

Although the addition of this frequency will without a doubt enhance communications during Search and Rescue Operations in Manitoba in the future, we understand that it will take some time to fully implement and have this frequency adopted across the Province. In the mean time, the Search and Rescue - Manitoba partners will continue to use the common radio frequencies presently available to us, and will strive to provide the highest possible level of service possible to the citizens of Manitoba.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the number or email address listed above should you require any further assistance in this matter.