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Our Mission Statement

To enhance the delivery of Search and Rescue efforts in Manitoba through the promotion of inter-agency cooperation, interoperability, and the coordinated development of standardized policies, training programs, and search and rescue operations.

Our Vision Statement

Search and Rescue Manitoba SARMAN will excel at providing Leadership in the development and delivery of a seamless and comprehensive Provincial Search and Rescue program.

Our Mandate

The Search and Rescue Manitoba – Advisory Council provides a forum to discuss common Search and Rescue issues on a Provincial basis and an opportunity to share information regarding search and rescue policies and programs among its members. The council represents the interests of the Province of Manitoba Search and Rescue community at the National level in an effort to promote the development of all aspects of search and rescue, including prevention, policies, standard training programs and search operations.

On behalf of the Province, the Council reviews and makes recommendation on New Initiative Fund (NIF) proposals from eligible local authorities, search authorities, Volunteer Associations and other SAR Partners; and put forward on behalf of the Province of Manitoba, the annual Provincial omni-bus - New Initiative Fund (NIF) proposal to the National Search & Rescue Secretariat (NSS) of Canada.

The council works to promote and strengthen our most valuable SAR resource; that being the Volunteer Search and Rescue Network of Manitoba.

Above all, the council works to promote inter-agency cooperation and inter-operability on all search and rescue operations in Manitoba, and to promote a timely, effective and integrated Provincial response to all SAR operations.