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Canine Program

Canine teams used for ground search in the Province of Manitoba must meet a standard that is acceptable to the Police Agencies that are responsible for Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) in the province. The Office of the Fire Commissioner, through the Manitoba Emergency Services College is now offering certification of Canine teams to the provincial standard and will be offering training for selected Canine teams to help them make that standard. The Provincial GSAR standard consists of two levels. To work a dog during an actual incident it is required that the Canine team has been certified to a minimum Level I Standard.

  • Level I Rural GSAR Certificate
  • Level II Urban GSAR Certificate

A list of Canine teams that have received Provincial Certification will be made available to the OFC as well as the Police Agencies in the province for their use.

Canine teams that have passed their Provincial Level II Certification will then be considered for future openings with the Provincial USAR,
Can TF-4, one of five National USAR teams.
(see URBAN SEARCH AND RESCUE for more details.)

How can I become involved in Canine Search and Rescue?

If you wish to receive more information about training a Search and Rescue Dog or how to go about being tested under our Provincial Standard you may contact our office directly at:
Toll Free: 1-888-253-1488

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