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Team Capabilities

The capabilities of Manitoba USAR include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Physical search and rescue operations in damaged/collapsed structures;
  • Emergency medical care to the disaster response personnel;
  • Emergency medical care to the injured;
  • Reconnaissance to provide size-up and triage for resource needs and provide feedback to local, provincial, and federal officials;
  • Assessment of damage to utilities; including houses and buildings;
  • Hazardous material surveys/evaluations
  • Structural/hazard evaluations of government/municipal buildings needed for immediate occupancy to support disaster relief operations;
  • Stabilization of damaged structures, including shoring, cribbing operations on damaged buildings;
  • Water/ice rescue operations
  • Initial Response Team (IRT). This is a component or components of the HUSAR Team that can provide tactical and technical advice and or support upon request to other local, provincial, federal, or international governments. The IRT was developed to provide a group of highly qualified specialists readily available for rapid deployment to the scene of an emergency.
  • Ground Search and Rescue