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Urban Search and Rescue Canine Program

Manitoba CAN TF-4 has five K9 Team assigned to it that are all trained tolocate people that may have become buried due to natural or man-made disasters.  All of the dogs are trained to give a bark indication when they have located live human scent.

In 2009, a K9 training site was developed in Brandon, Manitoba which simulates a large scale disaster scene including a rubble pile and other training props.

Manitoba CAN TF-4 K9 Teams train throughout the Province on a weekley basis, however, our members all return to the K9 training centre in Brandon several times a year.

All of the CAN TF-4 K9 Teams meet a national standard that was developed for USAR dogs in Canada.  The standard is similar to the Federal Emergency Measured Agency (FEMA) standard used by USAR dogs in the United States.

Cadaver detection
Two of the canine teams assigned to the provincial team are also trained in cadaver detection. These canine teams are used to locate deceased persons that may have become hidden or buried.

This training is very valuable in a USAR situation as well as long term missing person cases and/or criminal investigations.

Explosive detection
One of the canine teams assigned to the Manitoba Provincial USAR team is also cross trained in explosive detection. This profile can be used in a USAR situation if the cause of the disaster was man made. In all USAR situations it is imperative that the scene is made safe prior to searchers entering the area. In the possibility of an explosion the scene can be searched with explosive detector dog to help ensure the safety of the searchers.

Explosive detector dogs are also used by Police and other Emergency Service personnel to sweep events and areas that dignitaries are attending at, or locations being used by world events such as the Olympic Games.

If you wish to receive more information about Urban Search and Rescue Dogs you may contact our Office directly at:
Toll Free: 1-888-253-1488

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