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Nero & Ashcan

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has produced three Nero & Ashcan fire safety educational programs to teach the citizens of Manitoba about fire safety. The programs are designed and packaged in a user-friendly way so that the local fire service can deliver the programs. These kits can be purchased in both French and English. You will also find resource materials for these Nero & Ashcan kits in a downloadable pdf format below.

Activity Book Nero & Ashcan Activity Book

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Nero & Ashcan Matches And Lighter Safety for Preschoolers

The Matches and Lighter Fire safety education kit was developed in 1991. This kit was designed for the fire service, teachers, nursery and day care personnel to instruct children ages 3-5 years of age in their own communities.

The Nero and Ashcan Matches and Lighter Safety Education Kit teaches children the difference between "good" fires and "bad” fires and matches and lighters are "tools" not "toys."

The Matches and Lighter education kit includes a video, a cassette (which is to be left with the teacher of the classroom), 4 "pretend" matches and 4 "pretend" lighters, a "Read-Along" booklet for the child to take home, a set of flashcards which depict "good fires and bad fires." The take-home booklet educates the parents in the practice of giving matches and lighters to adults.

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Nero & Ashcan Home Safety Safari

In 1992, the Office of the Fire Commissioner developed a fire education kit for children ages 9-12 years of age. The Nero & Ashcan Home Fire Safety Safari Kit teaches children and parents in the identification of fire hazards in the home, what to do in case of fire and how to develop an escape plan.

The Safety Safari kit includes a video, lesson plan and following completion of the fire safety lesson, the children are given an official "Guide Badge" and "Guidebook" which allows them to take their parents and siblings on a room-to-room hunt for fire hazards in their home. Following completion of the checklist, the child returns the checklist to their local fire department or school and receives, as a reward, a colorful Nero and Ashcan "Fridge Magnet."

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Nero & Ashcan On The Farm

In 1993, in partnership with The Office of the Fire Commissioner, the Workplace Safety & Health Branch (Manitoba Labour) and Imperial Oil (ESSO) the third educational kit was introduced to the Manitoba Fire Service.

The On the Farm kit uses a take home comic book format to teach children ages 9-13 about farm and fire safety. It contains three stories: The "Grain Bin Mystery" which deals with farm fire hazards and spontaneous combustion; "Hide and Seek" describes the safe use, storage and disposal of farm chemicals; and "The Tractor Thief" which emphasizes the safe use of farm equipment and machinery

The On the Farm kit includes a video and reusable two-sided activity poster. The "Check It Out" poster challenges children to identify 22 farm and fire hazards and "The Extinguisher" poster teaches children to identify areas where fire extinguishers should be placed on the farm.

Who Can Use These Kits?

These kits are designed to be user-friendly and can be used by:

  • The Fire Chief and fire fighters
  • Teachers
  • Day Cares
  • Nursery Schools
  • Local Manitoba Women's Institute
  • Manitoba Agriculture Extension Offices
  • Manitoba Agriculture Regional Offices
  • Manitoba 4-H clubs
  • Personnel from the Office of the Fire Commissioner
  • Other interested adults

Where Can These Kits Be Used?

  • School classrooms
  • Day Cares
  • Nursery schools
  • Sunday School
  • Fire Hall visits
  • 4-H meetings
  • Cub and Scout meetings
  • Brownie and Girl Guide meetings
  • Babysitting courses

Why Is It Necessary To Teach Kids About Fire Safety?

Canada has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized nations.
There are three causes of fires: MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN.