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LNTB Pre-School Program

LNTB Pre-school program uses songs, games and activities to teach eight basic fire and burn prevention behaviours to children ages 3 - 5 years. The lessons are short, simple and encourage active participation. The program includes a 60-page teacher's guide that features detailed lesson plans, fire safety background information, letters to parents and reproducible colouring sheets. LNTB Pre-school is available at: Learn Not to Burn Preschool Program.


Learn Not to Burn

Lessons to Save a Child’s Life

Fire Marshals and Commissioners across Canada Deliver Unified Youth Fire Safety Campaign

A Canadian edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) popular children’s educational series – Learn Not to Burn® (LNTB), has been released by the Canadian Council of Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners in conjunction with fire departments across the province and the fire and carbon monoxide safety web site, safeathome.ca. 
Teachers, pre-school educators and parents from Manitoba can benefit from free access to the made-for-Canada edition of the LNTB curriculum, to complement community Fire Prevention Week initiatives, October 4-10.

Teachers across Manitoba have been invited to download free Learn Not to Burn Lessons at www.safeathome.ca/lntb, and parents are encouraged to support the effort at home by using the online family fire safety activities.

The online activities and in-class lessons dovetail with this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme ‘Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm’ which reinforces the importance of being able to hear smoke alarms at night when families are sleeping.  On the web site and in the classroom, children aged 3 to 8, learn how to recognize the smoke alarm beep, what to do when it sounds, the fundamentals of a Home Fire Escape Plan, and how to tell between things that are hot and cold.  The lessons are recommended by Curriculum Services Canada.

“Learn Not to Burn has long been recognized as the top fire safety educational program for children,” says David Schafer, Manitoba’s Fire Commissioner. “The introduction of the new Canadian edition is exciting, more so, with the curriculum enjoying wide scale distribution into Canadian classrooms, daycares and households.” 

“Hearing the Beep Where You Sleep underscores the importance of smoke alarms that are properly installed, maintained, and which haven’t been tampered with,” says Carol Heller, Home Fire Safety Expert with Kidde Canada.  “Also, parents are encouraged to research new smoke alarm technologies that help make upkeep easier, such as tamper-proof designs, 10-year sealed lithium battery models, and additional safety features such as talking alarms for the bedroom.”

The Learn Not to Burn National School Outreach runs all October long, and culminates on Sunday, November 1st at 10 am with the Great Canadian Smoke Alarm Test, when families across Canada are encouraged to test their smoke alarm, where applicable, in conjunction with time change weekend and register their success online.