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Public Fire Paramedic Program Diploma (PFPP)

The Public Fire Paramedic Program is held at the Manitoba Emergency Services College in Brandon, Manitoba.  In-house hands-on training and scenarios are conducted in our 20,150 sq ft training arena, didactic lab/classrooms, and our 11.4-acre practical training site.  Ambulance practicum placements are completed with various Manitoba Shared Health Ambulance Services.  Clinical rotations are completed in Manitoba Regional Health Authority hospitals.

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More information regarding the Public Fire Paramedic Program will be released at a later date.

The brochure details each course that PFPP is comprised of, outlines each step and provides specific dates for submission of the required documentation.

A “Fees, Expenses and Due Dates” chart will adivse potential applicants of costs associated with the program and due dates for all documentation.

All applicants applying to the Public Fire Paramedic Program must be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that credits for courses obtained in another country, or Province are equivalent to the credits that this program requires.

All documentation submitted must be in English.

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