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History of the Manitoba Emergency Services College

In 1985, the Manitoba Fire College came into existence as a training facility for professional fire fighters with a minimal amount of medical training. Since then, the College has graduated over 900 individuals, increased the amount of prehospital and fire fighting knowledge included within the course, and undergone a name change. In 1994 the College was relabeled with its current moniker as the Manitoba Emergency Services College (MESC).

In the past 25 years of educating the public in fire fighting and paramedic training either within the Public Fire Protection Program or the more recent rendition, the Public Fire Paramedic Program, the MESC has held to the principle of supplying exceptional education with current skills and theories. The College currently provides 28 International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) accredited courses.

Visit the MESC's Public Fire Paramedic Program - Diploma (PFPP) section for detailed program information.

With each class that is graduated more history is made. The desire of each staff member at the MESC is to build confident, competent professionals who will be seen historically as ultimate fire fighters and paramedics who are professional and responsible in their professional and community responsibilities.