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Municipal Support - Mutual Aid Financial Incentives

Mutual Aid District Training Incentive Fund

The Mutual Aid District Training Incentive Fund was implemented by the Office of the Fire Commissioner in an effort to promote and enhance training at the Mutual Aid District level across the Province. This highly successful initiative has proven, over the years, to provide quality courses at the district level that would otherwise be difficult for many municipal departments to obtain.

The $11,500.00 is allocated annually per Mutual Aid or Training District to train and/or upgrade the qualifications of the active members of their participating departments. Courses eligible for Training Incentive Funds are the Manitoba Emergency Services College courses only and must be taught by an MESC Emergency Services Instructor for that specific program area. Monies are paid directly to the Mutual Aid or Training District based on the SUCCESSFUL completion of the course in accordance.

The funds generated by the District through this initiative are used to support the continued development and enhancement of District’s training capacity through the initiatives such as the development of the District’s Instructor network.

All Mutual Aid Incentive Invoices MUST be submitted to The Office of the Fire Commissioner, 1601 Van Horne Avenue East, Brandon Manitoba R7A 7K2 by December 31st of each year. 

Mutual Aid District Training Incentive Fund Information

Mutual Aid Training Incentives Invoice

Mutual Aid District Vehicle and Machinery Incentive Invoice