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Mission Statement

To safeguard both persons and property from fire and life safety hazards through education, investigation, emergency response and code application.

With the holiday season coming to an end, please take the time to properly dispose of real trees before they become a fire hazard. Use a local recycling program and avoid leaving it in the garage or outside. Inspect light strings and throw them away if you find loose connections or damage. Electrical decorations should be safely stored in a dry place to avoid damage by water or dampness.

Cold winter weather also increases the risks of a fire starting in our homes. I urge all Manitobans to be extra attentive during this time.  Keep flammable objects away from heating appliances and inspect the electrical cords for damage on space heaters. Keep sparks from a fire place in check by using an appropriate screen or heat tempered glass and ensure dampers are in proper working order. Always dispose of hot ashes in metal containers and away from structures and combustibles. Protect yourself and your family from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning by installing carbon monoxide detectors and having fuel burning appliances professionally maintained and inspected on an annual bases.

Please take the time to listen to this important seasonal message. I also encourage you to make use of the OFC's Seasonal Fire Safety webpage for simple tips that can be practiced throughout the year.


Make fire safety a part of your every day routine.

Thank you

David Schafer
Fire Commissioner