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Mission Statement

To safeguard both persons and property from fire and life safety hazards through education, investigation, emergency response and code application.

Warm weather has arrived. The Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner wants you and your family to have a safe and enjoyable one. Please keep the following safety tips in mind when outdoors:

RVs, Trailers and Campers: Propane and Barbecue Safety Tips

When Transporting Cylinders:

  • Ensure propane cylinders are upright and secure during transport.
  • Keep cylinder valves closed and protected during transport.
  • Plug or cap cylinder outlets during transport.

When Using Cylinders:

  • Ensure cylinders are upright and secure on a firm footing.
  • Check cylinder connections and hoses for leaks by brushing a 50/50 mix of liquid soap and water onto all connections and hoses. Rising bubbles when you turn on the valve indicate a leak. Tighten connections or repair the hose until there are no bubbles.
  • Keep cylinders away from flame, heat, and exits.

Using Propane in your RV or Camper:

  • Keep all combustion exhaust vents on the exterior wall of your RV or camper clear of obstructions.
  • Use stovetop burners or ovens only for cooking and not as a source of heat.
  • Propane appliances require an adequate supply of fresh air for proper combustion. Ensure your RV or camper is properly ventilated to prevent build-up of carbon monoxide.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm and propane leak detector.

Barbecue Safety

  • Ensure barbecues are on firm, level footing.
  • Keep barbecues well away from the side of your RV, camper or tent, and other combustibles.
  • Make sure igniter buttons work properly before turning the gas on. If there is no igniter, insert a long match or barbecue lighter through the side burner hole before you turn on the grill controls.
  • Keep barbecues clean of grease to prevent flare-ups.
  • Stay by the grill when cooking and keep kids and pets at a safe distance.
  • Turn off all burner controls and tank valves after each use.  

Fire safety is important all year long. Please contact our Fire and Life Safety Educators for more prevention and safety ideas.

Thank you

David Schafer
Fire Commissioner