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Mutual Aid District Building Manitoba Incentive Fund

The seventeen Mutual Aid Districts and the three Training Districts in the Province of Manitoba are allocated funding administered by the Office of the Fire Commissioner in order to support their Districts local training capacity. Each Mutual Aid or Training District is eligible for these funds, in the form of a Grant, for “Initiatives or projects that will enhance the training capacity of the District.”

This Grant is funded through the Provincial Department of Local Government and the fund is administered by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Districts are able to apply for funding of various projects supported by the District. This fund provides for more flexibility for the Districts to embark on projects not previously available.

Projects include necessary expenses directly related to supporting the delivery of Mutual Aid District training programs and public education initiatives.

ONLY projects that meet these criteria will be considered.

This includes specifically identified items, equipment, materials, or training events;

  • Development of regional training sites and associated training props
  • Purchase of text books or other training materials
  • Purchase of training mannequins and other props
  • Purchase of audio visual equipment
  • Purchase of consumable items utilized for a specific purpose
  • Design, development and execution of staged training exercises
  • Training resources, courses or other activities aimed at specifically identified hazards
  • Travel costs directly associated with enhancing mutual aid training*
  • Expenses related to supporting public education trailers or initiatives
    • Inflatable House
    • Sparky Mascot Suit
  • Selection of pre-approved items identified by OFC  

Manitoba Building Funds Terms of Reference (pdf document)

Manitoba Building Funds Appendix A - Resoluition (word document)

Manitoba Building Funds Invoice (word document)