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Investigation Services

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An on call member can be reached through the Brandon Enhanced 911 Center 24 hours per day by calling 1-888-389-3473.  The Office has three on call Investigation Section members as well as a Manager to respond to investigations as requested.

Services of our investigators are called upon under the following circumstances:

  • All fires resulting in a fatality
  • All fires resulting in serious fire related injuries
  • Any fire deemed of suspicious nature where the cause of the fire cannot be positively determined
  • Any explosion resulting in a fire
  • Any structure or large loss fire where cause and origin cannot be
  • Any fire that the Fire Chief determines is a major loss to the community

All Fire Investigations conducted by the Office of the Commissioner Staff are concluded in one of the following manners:

  • Incendiary (Arson fires)
  • Accidental
  • Undetermined¬† (suspicious/accidental)
  • Natural Causes

The information gathered as a result of the Origin and Cause of the Fire is used by the Statistical Section to maintain records on:

  • All Fire Losses
  • Staff Activities
  • Mutual Aid Activities