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Team Capabilities

The Search and Rescue Manitoba (SARMAN) GSAR Network is capable of mobilizing a large numbers of trained personnel and equipment in a very short amount of time. Resources from both the Police Agency having jurisdiction and the Office of the Fire Commissioner are typically mobilized to support a Search and Rescue effort.

Volunteer SAR Teams from the area are typically mobilized first by the local SAR authority, who are typically first on scene at an incident. Because of the diverse background of the SARMAN Network, volunteers bring a side variety of training, skills and experience to SAR operations.

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Volunteers from the emergency medical field bring advance levels of EMS skills, while members of the Fire and Rescue Service often bring advanced levels in training and experience in technical rope rescue, surface and swift water rescue, patient packaging techniques and winter survival training. Outdoor enthusiasts including backcountry hikers and hunters compliment the volunteer teams with strong navigation and survival skills.

Advances in technology have provided the SARMAN. Partners with many new tools to assist in the Management of search operations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Global positioning Systems (GPS) receivers and transmitters
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technology
  • Infra-red – Thermal Imaging Cameras – Handheld & aircraft mounted
  • Search management software
  • Radio Communication equipment
  • Highspeed satellite Internet capacity
  • VHF & 800 mhz communications equipment
  • Mobile Command Unit(s)

The SARMAN partners including the OFC are well equipped to support any type of emergency incident with various types of off road vehicles and a complete mobile camp capable of supporting any incident.

Track Share

Should the need arise, the Manitoba Track Share Team is available to support a SAR effort by providing a large number of ATVs in a very short amount of time. They have proved to be a very valuable and appreciated resource.

Civil Air Search & Rescue - CASARA

The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association is a volunteer based organization. Their members donate the use of private and commercial aircraft and trained spotters to support Search and Rescue efforts.

CASARA operates from bases around the province, and also have proven to be a very valuable resource.