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Practical Training Site

The Manitoba Emergency Services College practical training site is located in Brandon and covers 11.4 acres of land.

The site was constructed under the supervision of Loewen Engineering of Winnipeg. Manitoba Environment (Conservation) was consulted extensively with the installation of the above ground fuel distribution system as well as the entire hydrocarbon fueled props and waste collection systems.

The site is equipped with a self contained pressurized hydrant and water distribution system, streetlights and a paved road way system which supports the Emergency Vehicle Driving Courses as well as the emergency response scenarios.

At the heart of the practical training site is the command post building. From this vantagepoint the Safety Officer can effectively control the fuels at the props as well as the 500-gpm pump for fire suppression.

Other areas of training that are accommodated include:

  • A train derailment for hazardous materials training with a natural gas fed rail car for tank car fire simulations.
  • A variety of hazardous materials props including chlorine cylinders, over turned highway trailers and other misc. containers commonly associated to hazardous incidents.
  • A series of natural gas as well as liquefied propane fire props that were installed to demonstrate the characteristics of pressurized gas fires.
  • A berm was constructed to assist in the delivery of a variety of rescue programs including farm accident, vehicle extrication, confined space and trench rescue.
  • A five-storey platform in the center area of the site is used for rope rescue training, ground ladder and aerial apparatus training.
  • A four-storey burn house is designed for all Class A fire evolutions including ventilation, with all the response components for high-rise fires.
  • A 1 1/2 storey single family dwelling is located on the site and is dedicated to the training and accreditation of the Fire Investigator Program.
  • The practical training site also hosts a Aircraft Simulator Prop to support the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Program.
  • The practical training site enhances fire training and brings the emergency services into the new millennium as leaders nationally and internationally.

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