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Manitoba Emergency Services College Online Learning

Welcome to the Manitoba Emergency Services College On-Line Learning. On-line learning is a different experience from the face-to-face classroom environment we are most familiar with. As there are no instructors in front of you there may be delays in you receiving responses to questions or requests for information. You can, however, read the material as often as you want, rather then seeing or hearing it only once in the classroom. Spending time reviewing the study material at one’s own pace has been found to benefit some students rather than being bound to the pace of a classroom. On-line courses may work well for you if your schedule and commitments allow you study time in the evenings or on weekends. The most important thing to remember as a student is that on-line learning requires motivation and dedication. You will get from the course what you put into it.

Please click on a course that interests you and follow the directions and prompts to register.

For additional MESC course please see the MESC Course Catalogue section of this website.