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Inspection and Technical Services - Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program is the “Delegated Jurisdictional Administrative Authority” for the Province of Manitoba that administers and enforces compliance to the Quality Assurance Certification, Registration of Designs, Welder licensing and Welding Procedure registrations under Manitoba’s Acts and Regulations, CSA B51 and other CSA and ASME Codes and Standards adopted as guidelines.

ITSM’s Quality Assurance Program works closely with various sectors of industry to ensure adherence to code compliance for safety and integrity of equipment and systems in the public interest at large.

Under ITSM’s Boilers and Pressure Vessels (BPV) program, ITSM regulates all pressure retaining components manufactured or used in Manitoba. ITSM’s Boiler Inspectors inspects pressure equipment during the manufacturing process and again after it has become operational.

Organizations, contractors, owners or anyone involved with the construction, fabrication, manufacturing, installation, operation, repair or alterations and maintenance of boiler, pressure vessel, and high pressure piping system, pressure equipment or other associated product must know the process and engage ITSM staff. They shall not perform or employ a person or company to perform any of the pressure regulated work without a Certificate of Authorization, registered Welding Procedure or a certified pressure welder license.

Authorization must be obtained before any work, repair, alteration or installation is performed on any boiler, refrigeration plant, pressure vessel or pressure piping system.

It is important that manufacturers and contractors etc. keep up-to-date with changes in the regulatory requirements and, codes, including changes in the inspection requirements and in the management of a quality control program. The code and regulatory changes could affect the application of a QA Program. Contractors should visit the ITSM web site on a regular basis.

Certificate of Authorization

A “Certificate of Authorization” is required to perform Code related work on pressure piping or pressure equipment in the Province of Manitoba. The certificate scope falls under the requirements of the Manitoba’s Act & Regulations, CSA B51 and applicable ASME Codes. Scope of the activity either in shop or in the field, that a manufacturer or contractor intends to perform must refer and comply with Manitoba’s Acts and Regulations prior to being issued a Certificate of Authorization. The QA system of the contractor must follow manual layout as specified in CSA B51 code.

Design of Equipment, Piping System and Fitting Registrations:

Owners, users, agents, manufacturers and contractors of boilers or pressurized equipment are responsible for registering equipment designs for the issuance of a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) from ITSM prior to import, manufacture, fabricate or installation or bringing in from other jurisdiction.
Prior to the pressurized equipment being registered, its design is subject to review by ITSM to ensure compliance with Manitoba’s Act and Regulations along with adopted codes and standards.

Keeping public safety in mind, the review of design registration by ITSM is to ascertain, within reasonable bounds, that product submitted for registration is in compliance to the Act and Regulations and “meets the requirements “ of relevant codes and standards. 

ITSM does not approve, certify, rate or endorse any item, construction, system or product. The registration of design does not alleviate the onus of responsibility of the designer and the manufacturer of the product for its accuracy and compliance.

Welding Procedure Registration

Procedure registration with ITSM is mandatory and required for all welding and brazing performed on pressure equipment in Manitoba.

Anyone engaged in pressure welding or brazing, require preparation of a welding or brazing procedure specification (WPS/BPS) and procedure qualification record (PQR) and the completion of a number of mechanical tests per ASME section IX.

A Manitoba registered WPS or BPS is required to perform welding or brazing on all pressure equipment. The work may be new construction, fabrication, manufacturing, repair or alteration to any existing pressure equipment. For a WPS or BPS to be considered valid, it must bear the Jurisdictional stamp with the referenced CRN. Any change to a WPS or BPS requires re submission with ITSM.

Welding and Brazing License

Pressure welders are required to demonstrate specific skills and knowledge before they are allowed to weld on pressure equipment in Manitoba. Welding and brazing on pressure equipment must be performed in accordance with the Boilers and Pressure Vessels regulations referenced in CSA-B51.

No organization or contractor shall allow any welding or brazing on pressure retaining system or components in the province of Manitoba by personnel not licensed by ITSM.

All applicants acquiring licenses as part of their employers QA program MUST SUBMIT A PAPER COPY or e-mail. WPS/BPS currently registered in the province of Manitoba on the day of test. It’s employer’s responsibility to assure WPS/BPS parameters are known to the applicant to which he/she is testing.

Questions? email firecomm@gov.mb.ca