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Inspection and Technical Services - Elevator and Lift Devices Program

Under The Elevator Act, the elevator inspection program is structured to allow Inspection and Technical Services to focus resources where they are needed most.

With a mandate to help ensure that all elevating devices are safe for operation, Inspection and Technical Services assesses each installation according to its age, maintenance condition and history, inspection history and the inherent risk based on its type and determines how long the elevator may be operated between inspections. Higher risk installations are issued six month operating permits while those with proven records in stable environments may be permitted for up to three years.

In addition to inspecting and permitting passenger and freight elevators, the inspection program extends to escalators, dumbwaiter, hand-powered elevators, personnel hoists, ski lifts and handicap elevators.

Although Inspection and Technical Services does not licence trades under the Elevator Act, the work of inspectors in the field both fosters and enforces high performance standards from elevator mechanics.

Applying for an Elevator or Lift Device Inspection:

Elevator inspectors see each installation before the permit expires. In addition to inspecting existing installations, Inspection and Technical Services also approves designs for new installations. Inspectors conduct a start-up inspection of new installations before adding them to the regular role of inspections.

Contact Your Inspector: (204) 945-3373.

Elevator and Life Device Program Fee Information:

Please consult the following document for information on inspection fees.

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