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Inspection and Technical Services - Electrical Program

The Electricians' Licence Act provides the legislative basis for protecting Manitobans against the potentially lethal hazards of a power source that is as close to hand as the lamp switch on the bedside table.

Ultimately, the Act and its regulations are in place to protect Manitobans from the dangers of electrocution or electrical shock, and safeguard against the potential of fire resulting from faulty wiring. To do so, the legislation dictates standards for both trades people and equipment, and places regulatory authority in the hands of Inspection and Technical Services.

Inspection and Technical Services works in conjuction with Apprenticeship Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro to licence the Journey electrical trades.

In addition, by administering qualification criteria and examinations for all specialized electrical and limited electrical licences, this section also helps ensure that workers who are not Journey electricians but who encounter electricity daily within their own trades, have adequate knowledge and experience to deal safely with the hazards.

Inspection and Technical Services electrical inspectors are in the field to ensure that the men and women working with electricity are properly licenced, and that licenced electricians work according to acceptable standards.

Electrical inspectors also assess electrical equipment and installations that are not certified by a recognized testing agency. Before such equipment can be put into operation in Manitoba, Inspection and Technical Services section must approve and label it.

2020 Electricians' Licence Renewal

Electrician's licences expire on December 31, 2020. Renewal letters have been mailed. Follow this link for more information.

Special Acceptance Forms

Electrician Licencing and Limited Specialized Trade Examinations

Examination dates and location, policy and payment information can be found on the Examination Schedule webpage.

The following forms apply to application for examination:

Notification of Exam Results

Results are mailed 3 to 5 weeks after the examination date.

If you have passed an exam which results in eligibility for licensure you may submit the appropriate application found below.

The following forms apply to application for licencing:


Examination, Licence, Installation Inspection fees are found within the Regulations of the The Electricians' Licence Act

Contact Your Inspector

To contact your Provincial Electric Inspector please (204) 945-3373.

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