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Inspection and Technical Services - Amusement Rides Program

Inspection and Technical Services' expertise in welding and electrical construction makes us the natural choice to oversee the material integrity and safe operation of carnival and amusement rides in the province.

Under the Amusements Act (Part II), this section works with owners to help ensure safety on the Midway by enforcing design, construction, set-up and operation standards and codes of practice. Before putting their rides into operation each season, owners must ensure that Inspection and Technical Services makes an on-site inspection and that they comply with any orders issued as a result of the inspection. After the initial set-up inspection, inspectors conduct spot-checks throughout the season to ensure the continuing high standards of preventative maintenance, set-up, and operating procedures.

Applying for Amusement Ride Inspections

Please contact Office of the Fire Commissioner 945-3373 to book an inspection appointment or email firecomm@gov.mb.ca

Amusement Rides Program Fee Information

Inspection fees are found within the Regulations of The Amusement Act.

Questions? email firecomm@gov.mb.ca