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Inspection and Technical Services - Power Engineering Program

General Information

A power engineer is a person trained and certified to safely operate steam, pressure and refrigeration plants.  In Manitoba, as in other Canadian provinces and territories, most plants can only be operated under the supervision of a certified and licensed power engineer.

Inspection and Technical Services oversees power engineer examinations and certification in Manitoba.  In this role, ITSM enforces laws that apply to power engineers, including The Power Engineers Act and the Power Engineers Regulation40/92 (Regulation).  These laws specify certification requirements that apply to power engineers in Manitoba.

The following are Manitoba's classes of power engineer certificates:

  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Third Class
  • Fourth Class
  • Fifth Class
  • Refrigeration Class
  • Special Boiler Class
  • Steam Traction Engine Class

For each certificate class, section 5 of the Regulation (see The Power Engineers Act) specifies what duties the certificate holder can perform.  Section 3 of the Regulation (see The Power Engineers Act) defines the various classes of plants.

Examination Information

In order to obtain a power engineer certificate of a given class, a person must first pass the examination(s) for that class and provide verification of operating experience.

As a member of the Standardization of Power Engineer Examination Committee (SOPEEC), Manitoba uses SOPEEC exams to test first, second, third, fourth, and fifth class power engineer candidates. 

Individuals who successfully complete SOPEEC examinations and have the required operating experience are eligible to receive a Standardized Certificate or Standardized Seal, which is recognized by all jurisdictions within Canada. 

Information about power engineer syllabuses, sample examination questions and reference material can be obtained from the national SOPEEC website.

Applying to Write an Examination

Examination Schedule - dates and location of upcoming examination sittings

For proof of course completion, include a photocopy of your course certificate or transcript.

Fees - payment method information. The examination fee is $60. Acceptable payment methods include debit/cash (in-person only), cheque or money order.  Cheques and money orders are to be made payable to the Minister of Finance.

Notification of Application Results

Applications are reviewed to determine eligibility to write.  If eligible, you will receive notice by mail of your examination date and location. 

If your application is refused, your examination fee will be returned.

Failure to Attend Examination

Failure to attend the scheduled examination at the date and location specified in your notice will result in the forfeiture of the exam fee.  Fees will only be returned in unavoidable circumstances such as medical problems arising.

Power Engineer Examination Rules

Only materials approved for use during the exam may be brought into the examination room and are subject to review by the examiner.  The following material will be allowed during a Power Engineer Exam:

  • ASME Codes, excluding Sections VI and VII
  • CSA B51
  • CSA B52
  • Steam Tables
  • Reference Tables
  • Provincial Acts/Regulations
  • Four Figure Tables and Constants
  • Drawing Instruments as required

All examination candidates are required to produce Photo Identification at each exam sitting.

Notification of Exam Results

You will be notified by mail of your exam result within 60 days of the exam date.

If you have passed an exam that has resulted in you having successfully completed a Power Engineer Exam series (ex: 3rd class A1, A2, B1 and B2), ITSM will notify you that you are eligible for a new certificate and licence.  The notification will include instructions on how to obtain your certificate/licence.

If you are eligible for a new class of certificate/licence and you do not already hold a valid Power Engineer certificate/licence, you will need to remit the required fee to ITSM prior to the certificate and licence being issued.

If you are eligible for a new class of certificate/licence, and you already hold a valid Power Engineer licence, it is necessary to surrender your existing licence to ITSM prior to the new certificate and licence being issued.

Examination Appeal Process

Upon receiving the results of an examination, candidates have the right to appeal if they believe the results are unfair.

The following rules apply:

  • Applications to appeal exam results will only be accepted within 90 calendar days of the date that the exam was written.
  • Once the results of an exam have been appealed, the appeal result is final. A single writing of an exam paper cannot be appealed more than once.
  • Only the most recent writing of a particular exam can be appealed. For example, if a person has written the 2nd Class A2 exam twice, and has failed both times, only the most recent writing can be appealed.
  • The fee to appeal an examination result is $95.
  • Payment methods currently accepted are cash (in-person only) or cheque or money order (made payable to the Minister of Finance).

Before filing an appeal application, clients are strongly encouraged to contact the ITSM Education Coordinator at (204)945-3373 to discuss their examination result and get more information on the appeal process.

To appeal the results of an exam, submit an Application to Appeal Power Engineer Examination Results (pdf) to ITSM.

Certificate/Licence Information

Power Engineer licences are valid for a four-year period, and are all renewed on a four-year cycle.

The licence fee is $160.  For licences issued in the middle of the cycle, the fee is charged on a pro-rated basis.

Please contact ITSM at (204)945-3373 for information on obtaining your licence and paying licence fees.

Questions? email firecomm@gov.mb.ca