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National and Provincial Code Documents

Manitoba adopts the National Building Code of Canada, the National Plumbing Code of Canada, and the National Fire Code of Canada. These national codes are developed and issued by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes and the National Research Council of Canada.

The Manitoba Building Code has been adopted as a regulation (127/06) (Manitoba amendment) under the Buildings & Mobile Homes Act.

B93 The Buildings and Mobile Homes Act
Building Fees Regulation 211/2002 16 Dec 2002 28 Dec 2002
Classes of Buildings Designation Regulation 48/2010 19 Apr 2010 1 May 2010
Manitoba Building Code 31/2011 A 28 Mar 2011 9 Apr 2011
Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings

NOTE: M.R. 213/2013 comes into force on 1 Dec 2014

213/2013 20 Dec 2013 4 Jan 2014
Manitoba Farm Building Code 128/2010 8 Sep 2010 18 Sep 2010
Manitoba Plumbing Code 32/2011 28 Mar 2011 9 Apr 2011
Mobile Homes Standards and Permits Regulation 96/87 R 3 Feb 1987 21 Mar 1987

For information about these and other national code documents, such as the Model National Energy Code for Buildings, and to purchase copies of the national code documents, visit www.nationalcodes.ca or NRC's virtual store.

Other Building Code Documents

The national code documents are updated approximately every five years. Check the nationalcodes.ca website to learn about the most recent version and how to participate in the national code development process.

If you choose not to purchase the national codes, but would like to review the documents, many public, university and college libraries maintain copies of some or all of the national code documents.